SEMPRE VERDE S.R.L.S. works throughout North Sardinia in the design, construction, care, management and  maintenance of green areas, gardens, parks, hanging gardens, green roofs.






We are constantly striving to find for our customers a new solutions with high technical value and a modern refined design.
We use regenerating machines that allow as to thicken up and rearrange the turf without working the ground in depth, ensuring a reduction in the time of intervention and a significant saving for customers on labor costs.
Our treatments guarantee good maintenance results even in conditions of considerable wear (play games areas, sports fields, grassed parking areas).
We also design and manufacture irrigation, sub-irrigation and drip systems for gardens, terraces and turf, always using materials of excellent quality, durable and suitable for the specific needs of the area to be irrigated.
All systems are covered by warranty and even after installation we assure a constant assistance to solve any kind of problem.
We also work on wells and cisterns.

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