For planning and design we employ professionals with many years of experience.
We can work with helical cutting, harvesting and mulching machines.
Complying with the needs of our customers, we have developed a new line of products, plants and cultivation techniques denominated “ECO GIARDINO” characterized by a significant reduction in the use of labor, fertilizers and water.

• Garden & Landscape Design
• Naturalistic engineering works
• Realization and care of public and private parks and gardens
• Terraces and green roofs


Turf realization with:
. sowing
. ready-made turf in sod
. ready-made turf in roll
. synthetic grass
. regeneration techniques
• Pruning and demolition of tall trees
in Tree Climbing or with aerial


• Turf maintenance and regeneration
• Earthmoving
• Urban and garden furniture
• Green for interiors and accessories
• Small construction works, outdoor flooring, restoration of masonry
• Treatments with plant protection products

• Hanging gardens of the intensive and extensive type
• Irrigation systems:
. traditional
. with subirrigation
. with fertigation
. drip irrigation


Construction of underground and above ground pools
• Waterproofing swimming pools with:
. pvc mantles
. reinforced pvc to be welded in place
. pre-welded liner
• Waterproofing of tubs and planters with synthetic PVC or polyolefin top coats

• Construction and management of water treatment systems for swimming pools:
. traditional (filtration and chlorination)
. innovative (ozone filtration and sanitization)
. ecological (phytodepuration)
• Restructuring and restoration of existing pools
• Ornamental ponds and fountains